"The dude is just crazy weird smart..."
Frank Kern
"One of the most genuine guys I've ever met!"
Tom Bell
"You've inspired me and many others."
Matt Gill
How I Learned The “Ancient” Secrets
Of Mail Order Pros… And Applied 
These Secrets To The Internet!

Hi, I'm Lee Collins.

Since 1999, my company has generated a tad over $300 Million in product sales and profits for my marketing students, clients and strategic partners. But most don't have a clue how I've done it.
In fact, many of today’s top gurus have asked me.

Until now, only my “inner circle” pals knew the story… but even they are missing some of the main points. So I’m going to share the story here for the first time EVER in public.

I started dabbling online in 1999 and (after I started getting "good" at it) I incorporated my first company in 2001. The goal at first was to just have a little extra money for my hobbies. This quickly became a one-stop shop for online services like affordable web sites and help with product creation, along with marketing my own niche services on the side.

I made a great living providing the service. Thought I was living large back then, with my company pulling in up to $20,000 a month. Not bad money.

We were just starting to open the door to make a very nice living online.

But one thing really bothered me. Sure we made money online every month, but the money never seemed consistent. Some months it was over $25,000 and others it was “only” $5,000. It was driving me nuts, so I set out to see how to smooth out the cash-flow…
Turns The Crazy Rollercoaster Revenue Ride Of
Internet Marketing To Smooth, Consistent Cash-Flow…
One of the things I noticed as my network of marketing friends grew, was the fact the offline guys didn’t seem to have the wild ups and downs we were experiencing with our Internet business.

These savvy marketers didn’t know much about Internet marketing. 

But when it came to offline… they knew their stuff cold.

When I shared the model of building dozens of “niche sites” online, they chuckled. Yes, they understood the power of multiple income streams, but they told me I was too scattered to hit the big money.

So I narrowed my focus to one niche. 

The process for it was tested and proven.

I ruthlessly implemented their offline tactics. Soon I had a 5,000 piece mailing that was ready for testing. And when we pulled the trigger… the results were astounding!
Boom! 300% Better Response!
Once the results started coming in, we were all shocked. Not only did people respond to the mailing – we got 3 times the results of what they were getting online!
"Fact: Spam Filters and Over-Zealous ISP's 
Have all but Killed E-mail Marketing"
Then I went “underground” for the next 18 months, fanatically testing. I had all but quit any form of online traffic (only the little that was already in place). Why?
Hybrid Marketing is Like
Shooting Fish in a Bowl!
A lot of it has to do with a book I call "The Book of Buyers" (and I'll tell you more about this in the course itself).

You see, unlike the Internet Marketing world where no matter how well you "target" your prospect you are still really just giving it a "best guess" at who your customers are and where to find them... 

But with the "Book of Buyers" you get ONLY proven buyers of products like yours


Just like the Internet marketing world, joint ventures could really kick things up. So I partnered with a pal who was only doing only online marketing, and took the marketing offline.

We sent him marketing materials to use, including a tested order form. After reviewing the materials, he called me with a major concern.

He noticed a fax number at the bottom of the order form. 

He went on to explain that “His People” were very online savvy and would simply use the online purchase option. But we convinced him to leave the fax number on the form, after all – what could it hurt?
What Happened Next Shocked Us All...
To our amazement 72% of his orders came in via fax. Talk about making him an instant believer in offline Direct Response techniques! (They gave us 2 main reasons why they chose to fax their order, and I will tell you more about this in the training.)

Over the next year, we rolled out a new information product using 100% offline marketing, (with an online delivery system), and pulled in well over $1million in sales!

I further refined the process and dubbed the technique Hybrid Marketing - because it was a combination of ONLINE + OFFLINE marketing. Now, some of the top gurus in online marketing began hounding me to teach them the strategy of Hybrid Marketing.

Many paid up to $12,500 per DAY to fly me to their offices and have me teach them!

They have wined and dined me. Flown me on private jets to exotic locations. Invited me to top secret masterminds on an island in the Caribbean. Paid for fancy Las Vegas suites... and more.
Want A Truly Unique Marketing System That Takes
Advantage of What Your Customers Already Do?
The fact is this: Your Customers are HYBRID CUSTOMERS. They already buy online AND offline, so Hybrid Marketing™ just makes sense. Right?
If you’ve been trying to tower above the competition… build fanatical customer loyalty… get in front of a hungry crowd 99% of internet marketers ignore, you’re about to see how it’s done.

How’s this for easy?
  • Are you finding it difficult to drive traffic? We’ll show you how to make a simple phone call that gives you access to the masses of people most likely to buy your products again and again.
  • How’s that list building going? And how many of your precious emails actually get DELIVERED? We’ll help you get in front of MILLIONS of buyers who are waiting for your solutions.
  • Plus you’ll get tactics that only take 10 minutes to implement that can skyrocket your sales as much as 72%!
No, this isn’t some un-proven hunch… I’ve been using this strategy to pull in millions of dollars in product sales and profits for my marketing students, clients, strategic partners and my own company. 

In fact… you’re about to discover the system the big guns don’t want you to know!
How To Instantly Win The Critical 
“Battle For Customer Perception”
The Internet spin doctors aren’t telling you the whole story. It’s not their fault though… because many of them don’t even know any better. But once I explain it to you… suddenly you’ll know in your heart of hearts its gospel.

Take a look at all of these available marketing channels:
• Internet
• Television
• Radio
• Newspaper
• Direct Mail
• Public Relations
• Billboards
How would you rate their credibility factor

Think about it for a second. Go with your gut and guess which one the majority of your customers would say is the shadiest…

That’s right, it’s the Internet.
As They Told Me in the Air Force -
Now I’m not saying all Internet marketing is sleazy. Not by a country mile. But I’m sure you’ve said to someone at one point “You can’t trust everything you read on the Internet.”

Sound familiar?

Just take a look at your email inbox. How many scams have you seen hawking cheap Viagra, phishing for your PayPal login information with official looking emails… or the latest chap in Nigeria who has $20,000,000 in oil money waiting for you to collect it?

That’s what I thought… 

We all get them frequently. Every day.

Again, I’m not saying you can’t trust anything on the Internet. But deep down you know your potential customers don’t trust everything they see online. '

Not a big shocker, right?

But we all know the Internet has its advantages. It’s relatively cheap, it’s fast and it allows a level of automation you can’t get anywhere else.

And the truth is, many of my friends have made MILLIONS just using the web. After you’ve been around for awhile, more people start trusting you. But the days of the “average Joe” making easy money online hand over fist are over.

Once you add the power of offline marketing you’re about to learn in HYBRID MARKETING™ 101… it’s a whole new ball game! Read on and you’ll agree…
It’s High Time You Start Looking
At Yourself As More Than Just
An Internet Marketer!
Look, competition online is getting stiffer by the day. Thousands of newbies looking to strike it rich are hitting the ‘net on a daily basis. It’s just getting plain hard to even compete!

But how would you like to start generating monthly sales like these? What would that kind of money do for you and your family?
Once you learn how to merge online marketing with these proven (and surprisingly cheap) OFFLINE tactics… you will:
  • Bridge the customer “credibility gap” with surprising ease…
  • Zero in on deep pools of rabid prospects you can tap into with a simple phone call…
  • Outflank your competition with “invisible” marketing they can’t copy (or hack) in the space of 30 seconds…
And that’s only the beginning. 

Once you shed the label of “Internet Marketer” and become a Direct Response HYBRID Marketer (like Frank Kern and a host of other high-level marketers have done), you’ll take the best of these unique online/offline techniques all the way to the bank.

And it just gets better. 

Over the few years, I’ve put my own unique spin on combining online and offline marketing… and together, we’ve refined the process even more!

So… what does all this mean to you?

Well, if you’ve been frustrated you haven’t hit the big leagues yet; integrating offline marketing with your online business may be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s much easier and less expensive than you think too! If you think Offline Marketing is too expensive watch this revealing MYTH-BUSTING video!

As you can see, once you tie the online/offline worlds together, (the Hybrid Marketing 101 way) you’ll build your business quickly, generate a flood of profits… and take your marketing into “stealth mode” that baffles your competitors!

Here’s a taste of it:
  • Why email marketing is losing its luster… and how to sidestep the need to have a big list to make any money online!
  • Revealed: How Lee Collins went “underground” for a year and a half and skipped over the traditional learning curve taught by the gurus – generating over a million dollars in sales…
  • See why your offer is more important than a catchy salesletter… and how it takes the pressure off your advertising so you can get more sales, faster and easier than ever.
  • Why You're Wasting Your Valuable Time With Social Media Marketing and making PEANUTS… When You COULD Be Using Direct Response Marketing the RIGHT way to Make a KILLING.
  • The least expensive ways to get started using HYBRID MARKETING 101 tactics… so you can tap into offline marketing as cheap as FREE!
  • Why your personal branding REALLY matters… and how it can help bond you to your customers so repeat sales are almost automatic…
  • How to take a website that’s hurting for traffic and send hordes of qualified buyers waiting to whip out their credit cards!
  • The secret of instant access to MILLIONS of potential customers so you stop spinning your wheels… and head straight for the profits…
And that’s only a small sample of nuggets from almost 20 years of hot marketing savvy!

Plus… we’re just getting warmed up!
Introducing The World’s First
Online/Offline eLearning Course 
Hybrid Marketing 101!
This is How to Instantly Tap Into Deep Pools Of PROVEN Buyers Who Have Their Credit Cards Out Ready to Buy YOUR Offer!
92+ Percent deliverability… thousands of fresh eyeballs… 
total niche dominance… consistent profit growth…

…The slick, utterly reliable, and unique marketing strategy 
that’s already changed the game for those who use it.
Get ready to enter a whole new world of profit potential. We’ll shave YEARS off your learning curve by allowing you “inside access” to millions of dollars in RESULTS.

The HYBRID MARKETING 101 e-learning course is based on the science of accelerated learning. Not only do you get the information, but we’ll make sure it sinks in! It’s fun, it’s informative and takes you on the fast track to profit city…

We’ll show you:
  • Why relying solely on online marketing leaves you at the mercy of vicious hijackers and "funnel hackers" who can steal your entire marketing funnel in nano-seconds… and how to get your marketing “invisible” so your competitors won’t know what hit them!
  • The shocking truth about how the cost of offline marketing stacks up to the hype you’ve heard about online marketing methods.
  • 3 kinds of people are online… and only one kind buy your stuff! How to use Real mail to get instant access to BUYERS so you can quadruple your odds of success!
  • T versus M. The dirty little secret most online marketers don’t want you to know…
  • How to get started without a website… no html, no ftp, no techno jibber jabber. The fastest way to get the dough rolling in without your own product or web presence!
  • 4 popular sites you can use to find hot products you can promote in minutes! (And step-by-step instructions that show you how!)
  • How to set up a simple “webpage” in under 3 minutes that funnels your prospects to any affiliate offer you want.
  • The secret of “oholic” markets… and how to use it to almost guarantee success in marketing – even if you’re a wet-behind-the-ears newbie!
  • What EVERY offer must do! If yours doesn’t… your marketing doesn’t stand a chance – NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT IS!
  • The process for building perceived value so your price isn’t an issue, but a screaming hot “must have” that instantly activates the buy impulse.
  • How to put bonus packages together for products – or services – that push people off the fence and get them reaching for their wallets like pulling strings on a puppet! (But in a completely ethical and respectful way…)
  • The secret of using “Instant Gratification” to push the sale… even if your product won’t get delivered for weeks!
  • Six things you probably don’t know about real mail and its not-so-obvious advantages over email.
  • How to make Real Mail so cost effective it’s a no-brainer to use! (And add a “tangibility” factor to your marketing that your competitors can’t match!)
  • 6 critical questions you must ask yourself before you send out ANY Real mail. Ignore these questions and you might as well flush your money down the toilet…
  • How to build your very own Real Mail list for FREE!
  • 4 “weapons of mass persuasion” and 16 things you can use them for to pump up your ONLINE (and offline) profits!
  • A step-by-step process for rapidly creating your Real Mail campaign without the need for a copywriter, a designer… or commercial printing company!
  • The mechanics of post card mailings… shortcuts that cut your implementation time by 63%!
  • Two online resources you can use to find compelling hooks without straining your brain! (Now you can have your fingers on the pulse of your market in seconds!)
  • Real world examples… so you aren’t struggling to connect the dots!
  • The secret of how your customers REALLY want you to communicate with them… and how to train them to use the one best for YOU
  • How to use reciprocity to build trust, friendship and get “prospects” looking forward to your marketing
  • BUSTED: The myth that adding offline marketing adds more work to your already hectic day… and how you can add “high touch” service automagically!
  • What the “thump” factor means to your ongoing revenue stream, while simultaneously making it easy to actually HELP people with your products!
  • A unique strategy for bringing in new customers… after the initial sales surge is over and done with. (Using this simple strategy brings in lots of additional sales most marketers give up on!)
  • The simple math of direct response marketing. As boring as math may sound, it’s a critical ingredient in any online or offline direct response marketing campaign…
  • How to keep your brain from short circuiting your marketing… and gain instant confidence in what you’re doing!
  • How to make sure HYBRID MARKETING 101 isn’t just another “magic pill” collecting virtual dust on your hard drive
  • The simple lesson learned by one of the web’s hottest salesmen to craft pitches that sell like crazy… even if your copy is so-so
  • Getting started “on the cheap” so you’re getting real results on a tight budget!
  • The secrets for putting all the information in the HYBRID MARKETING 101 e-learning course to work as rapidly as possible
  • The least expensive ways to get started using HYBRID MARKETING 101 tactics… so you can tap into hybrid marketing as cheap as FREE!
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You see, these are the very same tactics and strategies many of the gurus have been begging me to share. 

Sure, I’ve given them ideas, but I’ve never laid out the entire strategy like this before now. The truth is, we just don’t have the time to train everyone who has asked, unless they paid as much as $12,500 for coaching.

Heck, the whole HYBRID MARKETING 101 team has shared this information with clients, and it’s cost as much as $20,000 plus royalties!

But to make things more scalable, we’ve spent the last 5 months putting together this one-of-a-kind system. After all, we’re all growing our businesses, using these very tactics… and we’re confident we can help you do the same.

Make no mistake about it; this system is the real deal.
This is the same method I Used to Enjoy my first $125,000 DAY - And it Works Now Even Better Than It Did Then!
Imagine what it can do for you. (NOTE: you imagining it is not an income claim or a guarantee from me that you will achieve your dream.)

Look at it this way… if it’s been slow going building that list… or driving traffic to your website… or converting that traffic into cold, hard cash… HYBRID MARKETING 101 will show you how to do it offline faster than you think!

Plus, you’ll get the jump on your competition and secure your place in the hearts and minds of your customers. And once you get them in the door, you’ll command the power of repeat profits for years to come.
Hybrid Marketing 101 Gives You All The Advantages of Internet Marketing… Without the Heartache, And Gets You Rapid Access To Your Hungry Crowd – Where THEY Live!
And here’s the best part… 

We’re making this an insanely easy decision. Against the advice of our high-powered marketing pals, we’ve decided to make our state-of-the-art e-learning system not only easy to learn, but at a deal you’re unlikely to refuse if you’re smart.

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Why Would We Practically Give This
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Fair question. I could say it’s because we’re just nice people… or I could even say it’s our way of giving back… but both you and I would know that’s a crock. I’m sure you’ve heard crap like that before, and I don’t blame you for not believing reasons like that.

So here’s the deal. Our training is good. Darn good. We know it. Experts in marketing agree (or they wouldn’t have sent you here…). 

Plus, keep in mind...
Frank Kern Bought Physical CD's and Mailed it to ALL His Mass Control Members! And Mark Joyner, the "Godfather of the Internet", Actually Included Hybrid Marketing 101 as a Simpleology Launch Bonus!

Here's the Million Dollar Question...

Would these 2 legendary marketers risk their reputation if they didn't believe that it was going to be life-changing for their students? Of course not.

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It's really that good.

Yet, as good as that sounds, we want you to see it with your own eyes.

Plus, yes we do have an ulterior motive.

We want your testimonial for a bigger launch down the road! That’s why we’re going the extra mile to make sure everything sinks in. It’s cost a lot of time and money to put HYBRID MARKETING 101 together into an accelerated e-learning format. 

And we think it will help you put the material into rapid action!

Just like these nice folks...
Our goal is to secure your rock-solid foundation. 

When you start getting results and you need additional training, you’ll come to us. 

In essence, we want to earn your ongoing business. 

If we don’t – we know the chances are high we will never see you again. By making this tried and true training available for free – we assume the burden of proof.

By starting out with our flagship training – and making us prove the Hybrid Marketing advanced training will boost your profitability – the very most you could lose is a bit of your time. By the time it’s all said and done, I think you’ll agree the value is greatly stacked in your favor.
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The Next Move Is Up to YOU!
Our powerful Hybrid Marketing 101 Audios 'ADVANCED Marketing Program' contains over 6 hours of cutting-edge secrets that are delivered to you in MP3 and PDF Student handouts. These are some of our best Hybrid Marketing tips, tricks, and little-known techniques proven to generate tens of millions of dollars ONLINE & OFFLINE.

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Session 1: Are You Ready For This?

Introduction - Are You Ready for Us and a New Approach to Effective Marketing? We'll cover what you need to know before you get started being MORE than just an Internet Marketer!

Session 2: Laying Your Foundation

Marketing Fundamentals - Laying the All-Important Foundation to Your Success. This isn't the typical stuff you think you know...

Session 3: Hybrid Marketing Revealed!

Hybrid Marketing Revealed - How to Mix & Automate Online and Offline to WIN BIG!

Session 4: How to Sell by ESP

Human Psychology - How to Integrate Our Sell by ESP™ Process into Your Marketing

Session 5: Harness the Power for Good

Persuasion versus Manipulation - How to Find the Force and Harness it for Good.

4 Complete Step-by-Step Guidebooks

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The 90-Day Hybrid Marketing Battle Plan

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Frequent Answers
What is Hybrid Marketing?
Hybrid Marketing is my proprietary blend of Online Marketing and Offline Marketing I've been teaching since 2005 utilizing a fully automated marketing and delivery mechanism. Put simply - It's bad ass marketing techniques for people who want to win.
Does this work with an Internet business?
Hybrid Marketing = blending online and offline TOGETHER. The entire system was designed to work online AND offline, but you can use the concepts in either medium equally effectively.
How about an eCommerce business?
I have several clients who swear by Hybrid Marketing for their eCommerce business.
Do I have to get into direct mail?
Everything I teach is Direct RESPONSE. This means it works equally as well online as offline. You don't have to get into direct mail at all, but if you do you'll be amazed at how much more you can earn offline than online using the same products and techniques.
Will Hybrid Marketing work with my business?
Your Customers are HYBRID CUSTOMERS. This means they already buy online AND offline, so Hybrid Marketing in ANY business just makes good sense. Why would you leave 50% of the money on the table?
Normally $497.00.
Just $49 for a Limited Time!
*NEW Hybrid Marketing 101

All payments processed securely by Paypal/JVZoo.
You'll get instant access to "Hybrid Marketing 101" on the
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Earnings Disclaimer: Please do not buy anything here (or request any of our information) if you think it'll automatically make you money just because you bought it or asked for it. It doesn't work that way. This is real life people and like it or not, you have to work to succeed. Our results aren't typical because our work ethic isn't typical. You may not make any money at all. Heck, you might even lose money. Anyone who tells you anything else is lying to you. (Please read our full earnings disclaimer).
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