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Brandon Fredrickson,
Founder of
Your Hybrid Marketing completely changed my business... (I think Frank Kern sent it to me as part of his monthly Mass Control package). I manage a lot of launches in the financial markets for clients and I always try to get them to do the same thing - the smart ones listen and never look back. So - thank you Lee.
About "Hybrid Marketing 101"
If your Internet Marketing needs a boost, reading this letter is for 5 minutes is literally going to rock your world. Especially if you’re new to marketing!

Why is that? Well, I'll give you two reasons...

Reason #1: "President of the Internet" Frank Kern

This is the exact same course Frank Kern liked so much he bought and paid for over 300 Physical copies to send to all his Mass Control students... 

... and Reason #2: Mark Joyner, the "Godfather of the Internet", gave a copy of Hybrid Marketing 101 to all his Simpleology students, PLUS interviewed me for his "Million Dollar Business Models" series.
What Do These Industry Leaders Know That You Don't Know? 
You're about to find out. 

Thing is... you're SO CLOSE to a breakthrough and you don't even know it yet... 

... and it's all about combining online/Internet Marketing with a little down-home, wholesome offline goodness (not postcards) to unlock the hordes of hybrid buyers you’re missing right now.

Look, the truth is, your customers already buy offline AND online, so it just makes good sense to understand how to combine selling online + offline. Just by adding in a few simple “tricks of the trade” you’ll find marketing gets a whole lot more profitable, FAST.

But first, let me tell you about myself and how I got started just over 15 years ago. It’s important because in this age of “Magic Pill” marketing – you should always know who you’re dealing with and what they can do for you…
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